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Intersil launched the latest and a digital power module

On September 26th, 2011 Intersil company today launched its power module family members of the latest ZL9117M. ZL9117M is one can provide 17 a output current of the fully enclosed digital power module.

ZL9117M configuration industry the most easy to use "click" (point - and - click) type PowerNavigator graphical user interface. Built-in automatic compensation algorithm can be optimized under the condition of dynamic load transient response. Industry standard PMBus interface to support remote monitoring, even can also support remote installed system programming again.

Low height (low profile 15 mm x 15 mm QFN package with 1275 w/in3 industry leading power density. High efficiency combined with 11 ¡æ / W low thermal resistance, eliminate the most application fin or fan needs. Multiple modules in parallel automatic all flow properties, and can be easily support higher current application requirements.

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