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Rohm launch subminiature power module,is expected to years production

Japan famous semiconductor manufacturers rohm kabushiki kaisha (headquarters: Japan Beijing urban) has developed a set of capacitance and inductance and power required parts in one of the subminiature power module "BZ6A series". As a card products, the realization of the industry in the minimum size later (2.3 mm x 2.9 MMX 1 mm), for increasingly miniaturized mobile device of high density packaging made great contribution. This product plan in rohm corporation headquarters (Kyoto) production, and in October to provide samples, December up to produce 500000 started mass production scale.

In recent years, with intelligent mobile phone led the function of mobile equipment is becoming more and more powerful, the number of components increased at the same time, the circuit in the power of the required number of unceasingly is also increasing. Circuit design more complex, encapsulation space requirements and more demanding, in this case, save a space and power supply circuit simple structure of small power module development demand is more and more big.

The rohm development "BZ6A series" will 6 MHZ action of high-speed switching power supply IC "BU9000X series" placed inside base plate, at the same time, the parts packaged in a body. Not only keep up of product performance, and realized the minimum size of the subminiature power module. Due to no longer need external components, therefore, simplified the switch power supply circuit design at the same time microminiaturize, high density packaging becomes possible, and, to shorten the development cycle of all kinds of equipment made great contributions. In addition, input voltage range more wide, 2.3 V ~ 5.5 V, therefore, can be used with USB interface, 5 V output mobile device, etc. Not only that, the output voltage can be individual corresponding 1.0 V ~ 3.3 V range of products, not only can be used for mobile devices, can also be used for other various products.

Rohm's high efficiency high speed switching power supply IC has achieved a wide range of abstraction, and obtained the customer's high evaluation. In the future, rohm will continuously push forward the 10 MHZ ~ 20 MHZ of ultra high speed movement of IC abstraction, in order to realize power module further miniaturization. In addition, this product is expected in October 4 ~ 8 in chiba curtain piece of convention and exhibition centre "CEATEC JAPAN2011" rohm booth appearance. Then welcome to rohm booth.

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