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DC/DC in communication and military field is growing rapidly

Electronic equipment small volume change and semiconductor devices integration and the development of packaging technology, and promote the power module has entered a new field, power module gradually to the device level development, more and more power module manufacturer also participate in this piece of the market. According to statistics, only domestic market hundreds of power module manufacturer, and IC technology development are similar, power module is also in constant challenge power density. In 2012, the power module market hot spot in where? Power module manufacturers how to innovation?

In 2012, the communication network, the military and rail transit market there will be growth, but the growth of military industry may be more communication network and rail transit market slightly low. Power system failed portable equipment temporarily not our main market, so I have done a detailed analysis. The development of the communication network at a tremendous pace, as data flow is very large and demand continuously improve, believe telecommunications companies need to install more new equipment to meet demand. Rail transit, high iron development speed last year even though slow, but the country's major cities are or plan to build the subway, so I believe that rail transit market in 2012 increased. Military aspect, is generally by the state planning, steady growth.

Communication network market, we need to constantly improve data throughput and data processing speed, and at the same time also need to toward the small and the great trend of energy saving, so the power system power, efficiency and power density request too more and more high. Meanwhile we also see some customers in order to further improve the efficiency of system, the system of power bus voltage 200 v or above ascension rather than common 48 v and 24 v.

Rail transit market, customers on the power module function and reliability is very attention, not only need because module in the adverse circumstance, still be able to long-term normal work, and does not allow any error, so module will need to conform to the railway standard.

Military field market, high function and high reliability is a must, in addition, the customer to the requirements of the power module also tend to higher efficiency and higher power density.

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