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Inhibition of peak value power capacity of power supply module

Switching power supply module products for point system to realize low carbon contribution to society, and now the market demand began to increase, and ask its size smaller, lighter weight and higher efficiency and power supply less consumption, lower output power and no load conditions. In such a market demand, the Beijing ZhongYu hao company development of small size, light weight, high efficiency open frame type AC - DC peak power capacity of power supply. The new "ZYHZC series" characteristics and existing power module, compared to improve work efficiency (in full load condition of 5% or more) and reduce the size (size and weight of 30% or more).

Product positioning

"ZYHZC series" and the existing "ZYHZ series" and 200% of the peak power ability, efficiency is increased by 5% in full load condition and reduce??????? The more than 60% of the power consumption, in standby mode successor model. In addition, the above characteristics, they offer a wide range of working environment temperature range, ensure that the bad working conditions, excellent output level, size smaller and lighter weight can reach more than 30% compared with existing models, safe operation. Therefore, they can make the products of their clients more small, and help develop energy-saving products. In addition, "ZYHZC series" have wide range input power factor and harmonic correction of existing squad, "ZYHZC" has become a very advanced specifications fully mature product series.

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