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LED lighting power module income is expected to more than 15%

LED driver IC factory accumulation on August 29, said a method will, in view of the external outstanding new products LED lighting power module to promote progress and build up the general manager ChenQiKai pointed out that this year the third season has successful Design - in the customer, is now in the verification, the fourth season will have small shipment, application fields including fluorescent lamp, lamp, LED flat article lamp and so on. This year revenue contribution is still slightly, but ChenQiKai stressed that LED lighting power module next year is expected to account for the company overall revenue more than 15% proportion.

ChenQiKai said that at present, the LED lighting power module of the unit price for a single IC 10 times above, average ASP in 5-6 dollars, so once tumbled to the company's operations will be important pillar. But he also said that at present China's power module is a piece of the red sea, and therefore accumulation of LED lighting power module progress "can't calm into", hope to do better differentiation, this also is accumulated season 2 operating expenses maintained at 134 million yuan high-grade, season increase 18.67% of reason.

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